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A MassCom student who loves to be involved in public speaking & journalism.Quite smart. Addicted to a ABS-CBN shows & OPM soundtracks. Enjoy life blogging :D

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Quote of Love :)

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(^-^) CAS Acquaintance Party ... rOckZzz >>

SleePing Beauty :)

              GERALDINE GIMOTEA                                                     

Geraldine also known as 'Ghe' is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology student. She is an Ilongga from Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. She's my roomate (boarding house) --the cologne supplier ... "lol's .. 
 I call her 'sleeping beauty' kay xiyay pinka-una always nga ma2log.. Among the four of us nga roomates. 

SileNt DReamEr


JaZhell a.k.a. 'JazXh', ... still a Psychology student. She's the cutest of d barkada. hehe :) she has dimples. So simple... Sometimes napagkakamalan kaming sisters.. ! She's one of the members of the CAS Sayawit Group. :) classmate naqoh xiah sa Chem and AlgeBra..

MiSs BanGZ


Si JaizLyn... kilala rin sa nickname na 'jam' Psychology student parin.. Ohh dami nila noh??.. hehe--- the guitarist and the drawing artist ng barkada(^_^) 

 C miss BanGs.. Peo sa pic wla pa naxah bangs, !!

:D  -->  cute and simPly hot :-)
SnOW wHitE


ShE's NelYn.. :) a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student.. The pretty girl with whitish skin. She's a high school classmate and a close friend of Jam.. But a new friend of mine <3  attractive keu nah..lau palang ''CAPTURED'' moh na BeauTY nia . hehe !

BLacK BeAutY

Rose Mae is my fellow mass communicator. She's the former Class Salutatorian of their batch. She's from Cebu. 

>> the girl with  a black beauty..

EyL PreCiouS


(^_^)Kana??. kaila pod moh anah??.. hahah!! well, no need to tell pa more about myself. kapoi abi type hehe.. JoKe :)
  ====> ANYweeeiZ.:: sa mga PERSONS >> na gusto pang kumilatis ng aking life background .. JUSt add me on FB. 

                "" --> yan ang email add qoh. add me ha??.. Yaw pod i-minus.. haha loL'S..
 For my STATUS??..

                   100% SinGle to.. hehe

...BaRkAdA sHoTs...

Jam: Smile tah kadali... NOW na. :)

Rosemae: Joe pa-cute sa kadali.. dalia kay niha raq ga-smile ooohh!!
Joey: Annaiihh.. Rosemae ganiha rapod q ooh,, wah ka kbantai??

Uie.. Eat tah!! DELICIOUSAH kau. hahah :D 

         Rosemae: GuyzZ  tan-awa nin'Uz may-Ann pertii jung PakaLzz ohh.. 
May Ann: Ssssh! Saba diha RosEmae !! But-anai ba diay? Nanginabuhi q diri noh.

 Geraldine: Mas cute q nimu.. yaw na'g palag diha??.
FreLi: ai ganun??.. Gibati ka'g kaAnyag?.. hipos daaaahh :P

Rosemae: Sibog beh>>?
GeraLdine: Imoh ne dalan haw??.. 

Jazheel: Mas sexy q nimo.. 
RosEmae: WhatEver!! :P

Joey: Ingon cila Murah quno ta'g sisters..
JazheeL: hahaha :D in ur DreaMs..

"Ang dili mu-Pose .... GIrayuMa.."

Joey: In fact, akoh ju'y may pinakalami ug posE.. hahahhaha 
All: Estoryaheeeeeeehh .. 
Geraldine: Estoryah... Gisi..

Geraldine: Unxah man na imoh PEACE jazHeel ??.. Dala Pa-cute??
Jazheel: hahhaa!! unxah pa'y anxwer,, :)

(^_^)  The End ..................

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Aloha !!

---> sO tired of hanging up with friends who can't understand me for WHO I AM .. :( for further InfoZzz.. just beEp me ::: oooooohh !!

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