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It was Tuesday in the morning. I was at the office. I surfed the internet and looked for something to read just to smash the boredom that kept on striking me. Suddenly, a true story entitled A Mother’s Sacrifice caught my attention. I must admit that I am a vivacious and strong person but that certain story made me weep.

It was about the struggles of a mom with her son who hated her for having one eye. His son used to throw her with a hateful look, bully her and frequently treated her like a stranger. At the end of the story, his son regretted so much for knowing that when he was still young and had encountered a severe accident, his mom was the one who donated an eye for him.

How sad the story was. But to those persons who might read it, you will surely be enlighten and come up to the point of realizing the importance of having a mother in your life.

A mother deserves a lot more credit than we sometimes give her. Aside from honoring our Mom with such cards, flowers, and Sunday brunch, why don’t we pause for a moment on reflecting all we owe her, especially on her sacrifices.

What if you only had one more year with her? What would be the most important truths and secrets that you would want to reveal? Would you be able to hold her hands, hug her tight and kiss her while expressing your gratitude? Would you look into their eyes more intently and tell her you loved her more often?

As much as we might hate to admit it, it turns out that she was right all along about lots of those down-home notions that made us groan as we were growing up.

Our mother is the best gift bestowed to us by our Almighty God. Having her is such a grateful and superb treasure in our life. When we are down, sad, or harmed, she’ll be the one to lift us up. She is the first person in this world to become happy, when we are on top; we are triumphant, when we achieved something and when we are blessed. She even cherishes our life more than hers. At all times, she prays for the goodness of our life in this world and what comes after. She spends millions of jiffy just to take good care of us. In the hours of darkness, when everybody is slumbering, our mothers remain wide awake just to check on the things we need. She cares for us as if we’re a golden treasure they need to protect from harmful humans and incidents. While we were still kids, they often had sleepless nights to feed us, check our diapers and sometimes we defecated in their very lap. They even sang a song for us to drive us asleep. She put her strength all together for us, and being a weak human being in physical, she could still handle a lot of hard works for us. She was our first teacher to write and read.

Who could be better than her to take care of us, care for us, pray for us and be there for us? There are so many people who were never accompanied by their mother and actually had a very sad experience. They were so much jealous to the people who are still living under the caring of their mother. Nobody cared for them with real care.

These were just some of the sacrifices of our mother. You cannot calculate every deed she made to let us exist better. Before birth, her body was in soreness of carrying us in her womb for about 9 months. She vomited her foods, she suffered headaches, she felt something strange and weakness of her body every morning. But because she is a mother, she paid no complain against these. She was pretty much keyed up to see us, to give birth to us. She even talks to us even if she could not see us, just massaging her womb. They are doing all these sacrifices wholeheartedly without waiting for something in return. This is priceless care, a blessed care and a gift to us.

If there is someone that we owe our life to, it is our mother. We could not give her back her sacrifices but we could make her happy. We should not treat her bad, disobey her will and defy her.

Our mother is not our whole life but she is the largest part of it. There is no way to repay on what she’d done for us, all we can do is try giving what she need and that is just time, love and respect.


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